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ACH File Merge and NACHA File Validator with Routing Number Validation - Combine multiple ACH files into one - Save hundreds of dollars a year in batch file fees!! 

Easy ACH File Creator - For Financial Institutions to create ACH items to send through FedLine Advantage!! 

Merchant Edition Software - Credit Card Processing for QuickBooks - Seamlessly integrate your accounting and payment processing systems.

EZ-Direct Deposit
for NetSuite, Inc.'s OneWorld ERP Suite

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EZ-Direct Deposit®

In the business world, time is money, and both time and money can be wasted if all aspects of your business are not running efficiently using the best tools possible. Your accounting system is no exception. How much time and money does your company spend printing paper checks for employee payroll? How much effort do you put into recovering customer payments each month?

There is a better way. EZ-Direct Deposit® and EZ-EFT® are designed to make payroll, billing, bill payment and accounting a more simple and effective process for your company, your employees and your customers. With one easy-to-use package, which works with your existing accounting software and follows NACHA standards (ARC, CCD, CIE, CTX, ENR, IAT, XCK, P2P, POP, PPD, TEL or WEB), you can implement an automatic bank draft, electronic fund transfer and direct deposit. Within a matter of moments, your company could be on its way to a newer, better way of doing business!

Interested in learning more about our EZ-Direct Deposit® and EZ-EFT® Solutions? Click on the Products tab above or fill out our information request form. You can also call us at 888-958-5428.

Don't have a direct interface with your software?  We can create an integration with EZ-Direct Deposit® or EZ-EFT® and provide you the option to have us process your transactions through our ACH and Credit Card processing services, or your Bank using a NACHA formatted file.  Call us at 888-958-5428 or email us at info@ezdd.com for more information.

We accept VISA, MasterCard
, American Express and Corporate Checks. Please give us a call now at 888-958-5428 to place your order.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express!




EZ-Direct Deposit for QuickBooks

Credit Card Processing for QuickBooks

EZ-Direct Deposit for Timberline Software

EZ-Direct Deposit for Sage 50/Peachtree Accounting

EZ-EFT for QuickBooks

Easy ACH File Creator for MS-Excel or CSV file formats

EZ-Direct Deposit ACH File Merge and File/Routing Number Validator

EZ-Direct Deposit for Canadian QuickBooks

EZ-Direct Deposit for Canadian Sage 50/Peachtree

Easy ACH File Creator for any Canadian Bank or Credit Union

EZ-Direct Deposit for Accounting Software





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