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Why use Direct Deposit?




What is EZ-Direct Deposit?

EZ-Direct Deposit™ and EZ-EFT™ are direct deposit interfaces that work with accounting software, such as Peachtree or QuickBooks, to make accounting more accurate and effective.

With EZ-Direct Deposit™ or EZ-EFT™, transferring customers payments, vendor bills and employee checks from your accounting software to your bank or Credit Union is a snap. When used in conjunction with your accounting software's Pay Bills and Pay Employees functions, EZ-Direct Deposit™ provides you with the ability to forward vendor and payroll direct deposit transactions to your bank(s) with a click of the mouse, using a variety of customizable options.

Here are just a few of the features that make EZ-Direct Deposit unique:

  • Easy to use with simple menus and helpful screen prompts
  • No need to import or export data -- the program does it automatically for seamless integration
  • Send Email Notifications
  • Maximum Dollar Audit parameters
  • Automatic Pre-Note incorporation
  • Standard Entry Class codes

How Does EZ-Direct Deposit Work?

EZ-Direct Deposit™ creates and sends NACHA (or alternate ACH format) file transmissions of your direct deposit data generated within your accounting software to your financial institutions, which then re-transmits the data to the financial institutions of direct deposit participants, such as your employees and customers.

What this means is that your financial institutions will receive the actual payroll and billing transmissions instead of just a register of transactions that the standard payroll module generates. EZ-Direct Deposit™ also transmits the pre-note required by financial institutions to approve newly enrolled direct deposit participants.

And what that means is a lessened workload for your payroll staff, a more convenient way to pay and get paid for your customers and employees and more time and money saved by your company!


How Would My Company Use EZ-Direct Deposit?

No matter how small or large your company, you can use EZ-Direct Deposit™ to make your accounting system more accurate and efficient with a lot less effort!

Automatic Drafts and Electronic Funds Transfer

Why wait for a customer's check to come in the mail when you can get the payment automatically? Using our electronic funds transfer service and your accounting software, your company can deduct a pre-arranged amount from a customer's bank account. Withdrawals can be scheduled annually, semi-annually, monthly, bi-weekly, daily or whatever time frame you specify. Automated Bill Payment allows a customer to pay bills or make charitable contributions without having to write checks. We automatically debit the customer's account on the payment due date. EZ-Direct Deposit is also useful for check re-presentment and collection of non-sufficient funds.

Direct Deposit

No longer do your employees have to wait until they can get to the bank to get paid. And no longer does your company have to spend valuable manpower and money on processing and printing payroll checks. EZ-Direct Deposit™ makes direct deposit, well....easy! Using your existing accounting software and the Pay Employees function, doing payroll is as simple as pressing a few buttons.


What are the Benefits of EZ-Direct Deposit?

For Your Company:

  • Improves receivables by as much as 40%
  • Saves on billing and administrative costs
  • Reduces second notices and collections work
  • Eliminates your cost of return envelopes and postage
  • Eliminates customer cost of processing checks, postage, and late charges
  • Provides funds-in-hand on billing date rather than a delay of several days waiting for checks to clear
  • Provides greater customer satisfaction; less hassle over delinquencies
  • It's safer than checks because there's no chance of the payment getting lost
  • Any problems with direct deposit are quickly resolved
  • Provides greater employee relations by giving them an important benefit

For Your Customers:

  • Allows the customer to pay bills or make charitable contributions without writing a check or spending money on postage
  • Removes the monthly buying decision by not presenting the customer with a paper invoice
  • Allows for confidentiality. Checks pass through many hands before making it to their destination. Direct deposit is automatic and secure.

For Your Employees:

  • Employees save time and effort of going to the bank to deposit their paychecks
  • Employees don't have to be in town to receive their paychecks. The money is automatically deposited into their account.
  • There is no waiting for a check to clear, so funds are available to employees immediately
  • Employees can decide how to divide their pay among their accounts and investments and it is done automatically for them each payday
  • There's no chance of a paycheck being lost or stolen. Direct deposit is the safe and secure way to get paid.

We offer three versions of EZ-Direct Deposit™. Click on the one that best suits your needs for more information.

For Banks, Payroll Companies or anyone who needs to create an ACH file:

Easy ACH File Creator - US or Canadian
For anyone who needs to quickly and easily create an NACHA formatted file.

EZ-Direct Deposit ACH File Merge
Merge/Fix/Validate/Summarize multiple ACH files into One ACH file

EZ-Direct Deposit ACH Return File Creator
For Banks who need to create an ACH Returns File

Easy ACH Return File Reporting
For Banks who need to create an ACH Returns Report

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EZ-Direct Deposit is a Trademark of Coastal Software & Consulting, Inc.
QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit Corporation.
Peachtree is a registered trademark of Peachtree Software, Inc.



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