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Why use Direct Deposit?



Features of EZ-Direct Deposit

  • Very easy to use

  • Menu Driven With Screen Prompts

  • No need to Import or Export data - Seamless integration

  • Complete Embedded Documentation

  • Standard Reports

  • Distribute pays to different financial institutions

  • Completely compatible with our ACH Processing Services
  • Automatic email with a description and amount to Vendors when a deposit is made

  • Distribute Income Withholding Payments (Child Care Payments) to State Disbursements Units

  • Updates Customer Invoices with a "Paid" status
  • Maximum Dollar Audit Parameters

  • Automatic Pre-Note Incorporation

  • Standard Entry Class Codes

  • Includes DED Segment Addendum Record for child support payments.

  • Multiple Origination Banks

  • Select invoices for payment by Due Date or Invoice Date

  • Create ACH transactions based on Customer Charges, Invoices, Sales Receipts or Statement Balances

  • Distribute pays to an unlimited number of bank accounts

  • Compatible with all Banks and Credit Unions that follow the NACHA standards

  • Headers for Banks and Credit Unions that need a special line added at the beginning of the ACH file

  • Auto-Search for any Employee, Vendor or Customer record



Customer uses

EZ-Direct DepositTM creates an ACH file of credits and/or debits that conforms to the NACHA standards. The following are some examples:

  • Payroll Deposits or Tax Payments
  • Collect Pre-Authorized Customer Payments
  • Automatic Deposits to Pay Loan, Insurance, Rent Payments, and Vendors
  • Check Re-presentment
  • Collection of NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) by Re-presenting Checks
  • Consolidation of Funds for Corporate Cash Management



Automatic Drafts to Collect Customer Payments or Charitable Contributions

Using our company's electronic funds transfer service and QuickBooks, your company can deduct a pre-arranged amount from a customer's account. Withdrawals can be scheduled on any time frame: annual, semi-annual, monthly, bi-weekly, daily or even irregularly. With Automated Bill Payment, customers no longer have to writing checks to pay their bills each payment period. Our company automatically debits customer's checking or savings accounts on the payment due date. Electronic Funds Transfers are safe and reliable because they are tracked and governed by the Federal Reserve's automated clearing house, only pre-authorized transactions are processed. 

Benefits of Electronic Funds Transfer

  • Improves receivables by as much as 40%.
  • Saves on billing and administrative costs.
  • Reduces seconds notices and collections work.
  • Eliminates your cost of return envelopes and postage
  • Eliminates customer cost of processing checks, postage, and late charges
  • Removes the monthly buying decision by not presenting the customer with a paper invoice.
  • Improves customer relations by providing them with a convenience (no check writing).
  • Provides funds-in-hand on billing date rather than a delay of several days.
  • Opportunity for money management decisions to provide profit from short-term investments.
  • Provides greater customer satisfaction; less hassle over delinquencies.



EZ-Direct Deposit is a Trademark of Coastal Software & Consulting, Inc.




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