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  What EZ-Direct Deposit Customers are Saying

EZ-Direct Deposit's customer base is a diverse group of businesses. But one thing is for certain they have all added EZ-Direct Deposit to their essential business processes. Read on to see what great things they have to say about EZ-Direct Depositô!

Ms. Delrica Andrews does the payroll for Allegiance Staffing, a nursing staffing agency with over 300 employees. Coastal Software implemented the EZ-Direct Depositô system for Allegiance Staffing, allowing them to bring this function in-house.

Andrews was very pleased with the transition to their new system: "itís been wonderful. It didnít take very long at all, and itís a very easy system to use. The features allow for easy setup so that I didnít have to enter in the set of employees, just their direct deposit information. Itís the first time we have handled this function in-house, so we no longer have to use a 3rd party to process paychecks, which is going to save us a lot of money.  It would be very easy to implement with our parent company as well," says

"There isnít a strong enough word to describe the outstanding level of support Coastal Software has given us. He will get to you no matter what he is doing, even calling us from road trips. I would most definitely recommend Deryk to colleagues. He is a wonderful vendor to have."

Ms. Delrica Andrews
Allegiance Staffing

If any of your banking or cash management customers are looking for a program which will convert data from QuickBooks or Peachtree or other programs to an ACH file, I'd like to recommend Coastal Software. I'm using their EZ-Direct Deposit program now to convert QuickBooks payroll records to ACH files, and I'm using their EZ-EFT program to convert QuickBooks customer and vendor records to ACH files as well. 

The program is easy to learn and easy to use, comes with a complete online users manual, and is cost effective and accurate. And their technical support is excellent.

I give them my highest recommendation.

Bob Ewers
Payroll Partners




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